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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Went up to my postbox yesterday to collect the mail and got all excited as the postie had left a card saying that I had a parcel from the USA that was too big for my postbox. I won't be able to collect it until Saturday - due to a combination of the sorting office being open rubbish hours and going offshore later on today (until Friday afternoon). To torment myself even further I'm going to keep the parcel unopened until my birthday next Friday so that I can have lots of knitterly goodness to play with. I'm very excited.

I'll be posting my last parcel to my SP this weekend as well - just need to get a couple of sweet things to add to it to finish it off. If I could put Tunnock's teacakes in that would be cool but I don't think they would survive the trip. I'm sure some Tunnock's caramel wafers and some Irn Bru sweeties should do the trick though. If she has any teeth left she'd be doing well.

Wish I could take the Aran jumper with me to do offshore but they're a bit funny about straight knitting needles so I it'll have to wait for the weekend. Sorry Dennis. I have done almost 2 complete repeats of the longest cable section and I have the rest of the pattern pretty much of pat now so it is speeding up. Robert seems to be quite impressed by the amount of effort that is going into this but I also know that Dennis is really going to appreciate it as well. It is looking pretty smart even though I do say so myself.

Time for one last practice of the stress presentation before heading to the joy that is Bristow's Heliport...
posted by Maureen @ 10:42 am  
  • At 6:45 pm, Anonymous Ali said…

    I couldn't possible wait that long for such an exciting parcel. You must have great restraint!
    Hope your trip goes well and are they afraid that you'll stab someone on the helicopter or hijack it and make them fly somewhere with lots of yarn and sheep??? I wonder how many recorded incidents there are of knitters going mad with their needles on flights?

  • At 1:48 pm, Blogger RooKnits said…

    I can't believe your self-control. I would be ripping open the parcel in the post office!

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