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Monday, January 30, 2006
What fun!
I thought it would be fun to change my template tonight but of course I forgot to save my customisations before I went ahead and did it so I've had a lovely hour and a half getting all my links and buttons back again. Oops!

It's been a bit of a busy time this last week as I spent most of the week offshore but last Tuesday night I got to meet up with Ali who was my Secret Pal in round 5. She spoiled me rotten then (and got me addicted to Hip Knits silk) and she took along a wee pressie for me on Tuesday night which was totally unexpected. The merino wool is some of her own handspun and the lavender handcream is rather lush. One of the bars of chocolate were already eaten by the time this photo was taken!

It was really fine to meet up with Ali after reading her blog and emailing her for this last while. It's kind of weird getting to meet folk face-to-face in this way as you feel like you know something about them but you don't know the real ins and outs of a person as you only get to know, through their blog, what they are willing to reveal to the world. It does mean though that you're not meeting a new friend totally blind. I definitely hope it isn't going to be the last time the pair of us meet up though. It was a good evening (in Aberdeen's first totally smokefree pub - way to go The Old Schoolhouse!) even if I had to go reasonably early as I had a 6.15am check-in the next morning - boo hiss! I just hope that the poor lass didn't think that I chewed her ears off as I do have a habit of talking non-stop.

It is weird to think that knitting, essentially a solitary hobby, and the internet, the height of geekiness for so long, have combined so well to create totally new social outlet. My social life has expanded in leaps and bounds since I started to combine the two of the them and all of a sudden folk don't look at me quite so strangely when I mention knitting and blogging. The other thing I love is that you can start to make friends with folk from all over the place and there have been quite a few who have been really supportive during a bit of a difficult start to the year. It has been very much appreciated.

I did start thinking about the whole Secret Pal thing the other night though and came up with an alternative to a knitting one - okay it made me and Robert giggle. We wondered if you would get such a thing as a porn Secret Pal. Could you imagine the questionnaire:
1. What is your favourite form of deviancy?
2. What are your favourite toys?
3. Do you prefer girls or boys?

We just wondered what sort of things folk could send to each other - nipple clamps, edible knickers, vibrators. Who knows, maybe it exists out there. No way that I'm going to go looking for it though or you never know what sort of stuff you could end up with on your computer!

Woke up to a really hard frost outside so decided to be a bit artistic and take a few piccies. George did help but it was impossible to get him into any of the shots as he kept wrapping himself round my legs.

These muscari have been flowering since Christmas!

I love plants with frost on them. It's such a gorgeous effect.

It does mean it's a wee bit nippy outside but then it is still January...
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