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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
It's a peedie bit nippy ootside!
Looks like we're finally getting a Scottish winter - even if it's unlikely to last for any length of time. The wind's howling down from the north and for a change the harsh wind doesn't affect the temperature in the office too badly since it's on the south-west corner of the house. Makes a nice change. Quite like watching the snow howling about outside the window though.

Glad I'm not having to fly offshore this week or I would have been spending a lot of time sitting in either Broomfield House or up at Scatsta, neither of which are the most exciting places in the world. Of course George is proving, once more, that he is not the brightest animal on the planet as he went tearing out this morning and then when I went to get wood he was having fun chasing the snowballs I was throwing for him. Isn't that a dog thing to do?!

Felt a bit sad the other night as I realised that this February would have seen the Ruby wedding anniversary of my folks if they'd stayed married. Robert's folks have their Ruby wedding at the end of March and so we'll be doing something for them. Just seems a shame that things couldn't have gone the same way for mine. Can't have everything I suppose and it has been 10 years now since they split. Most of the time I'm fine but just occasionally I wish things hadn't changed but then who doesn't. Nobody really wants their folks to split up (even if it's all gone to shite) even if they're grown-up when it happens. You just know things are never the same again. You always have to think before you say stuff just in case the other one gets offended, you know family get-togethers would be impossible and you have to learn not to feel guilty about it all either. Sometimes it's one of those cases where you really wish you could turn the clock back and that the last few years had never happened so you could change the outcome. But then I suppose if you did that there's a whole lot of other things you would have missed out on - such as the person you actually end up with that you're happy you've ended up, etc.

Time to stop thinking...for one night anyway.
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