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Thursday, February 02, 2006
I've decided...
I've decided to start recording the wildlife round about us to help in our objections to various bits of local planning that the Council and Scottish Enterprise want to do. We really don't want to lose our green space when there are so many brownfield sites that should be used first. It always appears as though there's building going on for building's sake and we don't want the fantastic eco-system that's around us to disappear. So when I got up this morning I spotted the deer in the field and sneaked out of the house so they wouldn't get startled. They feed most mornings and are absolutely gorgeous. They have gone through the veggie plots a few times but that really doesn't bother me. Share and share alike.

Then as I was wandering about I spotted my first crocus of the year...

...followed by our first snowdrop!

So what did I follow up that early morning excitement with (also known as procrastinating)?

...a bit of breakfast knitting. Nothing like a bowl of porridge with some dried fruit in it to get you going. I usually put a few spoons of oats to soak the night before in some cold water with the dried fruit and then it only needs about 2 mins in the microwave the next morning. At least it's likely to kickstart me in a vaguely healthy way for the rest of the day. Inbetween mouthfuls I did a few rows of the hat I'm making for my Secret Pal. It's from a Magknits pattern that was only published on Wednesday and takes one whole ball of RYC Cashsoft DK. Quite fancy making one for myself when I finish it. I can see a few being churned out as pressies, especially if it only takes an evening or two to knit.

Then I got a nice surprise today. I was walking up the road to pick up the post when I spotted a delivery van indicating to turn off the main road down to ours. I started to get excited (as one does) and as he approached I got him to stop so I could see where he was going - us or Keith and Lynn. Luckily it was for me so I signed for the parcel there and then and just got him to drop it off at the house since I was only going to be a few minutes. What was it?

It was my dressmaker's dummy that I got for my Christmas from my Dad. Now my Dad is lovely in that when it comes to presents he now asks what I'd like and if he thinks I deserve it (or even if I don't probably) and it's a reasonable request then he will sort it out for me. On this occasion however he didn't read the email properly (I did links, bold, underlined, descriptions and a'thing!) so the first dummy I got was a size Medium which is for girlies who are a tad bigger than me. I needed the Petite so had to send the first one back and then wait until they got a one back in stock so about 6 weeks later I've finally got the right one. Instructions will be even more precise next time - okay Dad?! (I know you'll read this - thanks for the pressie, eventually!) I'm still a very happy bunny though as it all gets added into my list of things to learn this year - spinning, sewing, better photography, fancy techniques in my knitting, all crafty stuff anyway.

And just to finish for today an example of why it is very difficult, at times, to get a photo of our evil little beastie. He likes to wrap himself round legs when you are outside and will not stay still so you'll have to make do with the "moving" image.

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