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Saturday, March 25, 2006
Saturday, part one!
Today was the day that we picked up my secondhand greenhouse to go in the garden and we really couldn't have picked a more miserable day to do it. It pished down, we got soaked and filthy, and I have to say it was worth it. First we had to dismantle the thing in the guy's back garden which wasn't the easiest job due to a lack of space around the thing - plus we didn't want to break any panes of glass (I managed to break a corner off one by the end of the day but it wasn't bad going). I got the the job of tripping out to the lorry with the glass while Robert unclipped them all. The guy also gave us the staging, a hose, and a stack of pots in with the price as well - £80 for the lot. I thought it was quite apt to use more of the moeny I got from Granny for it since she spent an awful lot of time in the garden.

It's an aluminium frame so should manage to withstand the sea spray down here. We ended up having to call on Dennis' assistance to actually get the frame out of the back garden. The guy had heaps of shite in the way of getting it through onto the main road and it really was a three person job by the time we got it into the lorry - plus we needed the bigger lorry as the original one was too narrow to get the greenhouse in, oops! We have put it into position just to see if it would fit into the proper spot but we haven't put the glass back in yet. Robert wants to spray paint it just to give it that extra bit of protection. We do reckon that once George spots how warm it gets with the sun on it then he might adopt it as another cosy sleeping spot over the summer - better hold out for what approximates for summer in the north-east!

There really hasn't been a lot of sun today. It's rained since about 5 o'clock last night. There was a bit of hazy sun about 5ish tonight but...

There were some nice drops of water in aquelegia leaves...

My rhubarb is coming back to life - crumble, pie, stewed, ice cream - I love it all...

And a pic of my hebes just because I think they're real purty!

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