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Sunday, March 19, 2006
Birthday weekend
It's been a busy few days (just starting to calm down now) as I've gone through all the whole birthday business for another year. I was really good and managed to keep my Secret Pal parcel for a whole 10 days before I opened it up. It made for a lovely kniterly treat on Friday morning. I haven't even eaten the chocolate yet which is amazing for me. I have started to knit up the Biggy Print - one wristwarmer done, the next to complete to day. I do like the colours. Might have to get another couple to make a neckwarmer and hat. A great photography expedition set for keeping warm. I think my favourite thing in the whole parcel is actually the beaded row counter - I want to know how to make one of them. Send me instructions please (pretty please, grovel, grovel)! My SP sent me a birthday card as well which was really sweet. A lovely start to the day - thank you!

I got myself some birthday booty with the last of my Amazon vouchers from last year. The latest Yarn Harlot and the Debbie Stoller crochet book - lots of really nice patterns in the crochet book that I can actually see myself learning to make.

The birthday booty continued with a cute little ornament and some book tokens from my Granny. You can not go wrong with book tokens in my book. Free shopping for something that you love - ace!

Then there's a whole stack of stuff from Mum (Interweave Knits - annual subscription, bamboo DPN's and a nostepinne), jigsaw cookie cutters from Anna, memory cards and spare batteries for my digital camera from Robert, choker from Rhonda and Gus, and a photo frame from Louise and Rachel.

Pretty jewellry from Mandy - she is rather talented don't you think? She needs to get her own blog to show off all her jewellry she makes. Big it up for Mandy now - woo! woo! woo!

A cool print from Robert's folks - "Winter woolies" - his Mum though it was very apt with the knitting associations.

And a digital photography book on how to do black and white stuff from Pete. Might take a wee while before I get up to speed on that one but I'll get there.

For my birthday celebrations we went out to see Jerry Springer the Opera. It was ace - Christian Voice protestors and all! Yes, there is a lot of swearing in it but it's not nearly as bad as the protestors make out. Plus I'm not of the religious persuasion anyway - definitely an agnostic who tries to make sure that I treat people the way I wish to be treated - nothing like a basic bit of respect of people as individuals. Not into thought control. I digress - the show was ace, loved the songs and the singing was excellent. Then we met up with a few other folk as it was our pal Lindsey's birthday as well on Friday. She's 3 years younger than me so it does mean I get priority for the 40th birthday year!

Mum and Andy came up with the dogs yesterday so there was a big long walk along the beach (major photo opportunity with the new camera) and then we had dim sum for tea. Mum took up lots of homebakes of course so that keeps me and Robert happy.

Just taking it easy today - blogging, sorting out photos, deciding what to spend my birthday pennies on that I got from my brother, eating - what a life, eh!
posted by Maureen @ 11:54 am  
  • At 10:34 am, Blogger knitsnspins said…

    Happy Belated birthday, and looks like you were one spoilt bunny too. The jewelery looks lovely and I love your sheep print too.

  • At 8:53 pm, Anonymous Secret Pal said…

    So glad you liked your goodies! I'll send out the bead counter directions in your next package, hopefully today. Have a great weekend. Oh, and what is a nostepinne??

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