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Thursday, October 23, 2008
School reunion...scary stuff!

You go back home for the school reunion...

You look around at where you came from...

You look at where you are now...

You know you wouldn't want to relive it...

But it's nice to check it out...

Plus it helps when you know you've aged better than sooooooooo many others...but that's called "being bigsy" back home :-)
posted by Maureen @ 4:25 pm  
  • At 9:56 pm, Anonymous Ali said…

    What a fab picture of you and yer man! I'd hate to go to one myself. Too many bad memories.....

  • At 10:39 pm, Blogger Maureen said…

    It's why I went back! I was teased mercilessly at school so it was good to get my own back on those who'd gone to pot. Apparently a pair of spike heel boots goes down well at these things too :-0 ;-)

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