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Sunday, February 11, 2007
Been finishing stuff...though some of it was ages ago!
Thought I'd better show off some finished items and those that are progressing just to show that I have done something in amongst the other trials and tribulations that show themselves up as "life!"

This was a freebie pattern from Yarn Forward and used less than one skein of Hipknits silk. Think it took me at least an evening to produce. Haven't had a chance to wear it yet. I see it as more of summery cover-up and we are definitely nowhere near summer here in Aberdeen. It's February - nuff said!

The next wee shrug is from Vogue Knitting and it was a a strange one to to do. The knitting wasn't difficult but trying to figure out how to put the thing together from the diagram was a bit of a "eeh" moment. It made sense once the bits started to go together but it wasn't that intuitive. Not initially anyway. For something so little it's surprisingly warm when it's on.

And we have finally had success with the variegated Karaoke! I used the pattern out of a RYC book with a small alteration to take account of being totally boobless i.e. eliminating about 2inches off the circumference of the body! It worked. And it looks really cute on. Thank hivvens!

Nearly finished Flicca. I just have one front band and the ribbon stabilising bit to do and that's it. It's going to be so cosy and I think it could end up being a bit of slobbing around curled up on the armchair sort of cardi, interspersed with moments of not-quite-cold-enough-for-a-jacket-
but-not-quite-warm-enough-to-go-without-a-woolie type of thing going on. It was finished (up until this point) dead quick like but other stuff has kind of got in the way of finishing it and as our weather is going to be incompatible with wearing this outside the house for at least another 6 weeks I'm not panicking too much as yet!

An over-the-knee sock in progress...the f***ing Aran jumper that I've knitting for the last year (nearly finished the front - only a sleeve to go then)...a couple of books I bought the other day when I got stuck in Norwich waiting for my flight back up to Aberdeen...and some Handmaiden silk that fell into the shopping basket when I was buying the latest Vogue Knitting from Get Knitted. You know how these things happen. They don't mean to but they do!

My credit card has been so hammered lately that it's feeling just a tad poorly. I really need to rein in my spending before it explodes with overuse!

And this is what else has happened when you have a credit card and know how to use it. Maybe there's a little bit of over-compensationary spending going on but it's also part of the preparation for the next bit that's going to be happening. Gotta get the costumes ready for the parade after all. I have also got 3 weddings lined up this year as well so need to look half-decent for those. A nice frock helps...and we all know that I really, really like my nice frocks. Tis an addiction and I seem to be quite unable to stop it. Don't really want to either! Hardly as though I'm in the thousands of pounds worth of debt bracket. A few hundred that is paid off in a couple of months really doesn't count in quite the same way. Now I just need to go out and look purty in them...!
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  • At 11:47 am, Anonymous Ali said…

    Wish I could rattle through projects like you do! I believe Vouge Knitting are famous for their "hard to construct" patterns! Are all the dresses yours? Very nice indeed.

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  • Paton's Aran Cardi: 25%
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