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Sunday, January 14, 2007
Not just the stork...

...that brings babies! Did you know that you can order them at Boots the Chemists? I was quite stunned to see that this is a service now being offered at your local pharmacy. We all know that they provide the wherewithal to provide individuals with products that can prevent conception, tell you when conception is more likely, help make it a more pleasurable experience, and have those little sticks that can tell you if your baby-making experiements have been successful. But be your wildest dreams did you ever think that you could just go straight in and order a baby off-the-shelf?!

What's amazing is that you can even get them delivered to your home address. Which courier company do you think they use? Hope they give a specific time slot that you can expect your delivery. Do you think they would just shove a card through your door to say they'd missed you but that you would find your "parcel" in the bin as that seemed to be the safest place to put it...!

And myself and James were very philosophical last night on the whole conundrum of reproduction. As he put it - I, in the company of quite a few other women, are breaking the biological chain in choosing not to procreate in our own image. That whole evolutionary response that has been conditioned over the millenia is being stopped in it's tracks with the aid of some armour-plated contraception and free thinking. If we chose not to carry on with our biological destiny we are effectively breaking the biggest chain letter in existence! Kind of blew our tiny little brains with that one as we oohed and aahed over the thought. Daily Mail readers like to tell us how we're all going to hell and damnation in a bucket if we don't stick to our rightful place in the grand scheme of things (at least 2 steps behind your man!) so I wonder if it would freak them even more to know we're breaking a chain letter. Some poor woman is expecting to get 6 babies once her name gets to the top of the list and instead somebody else has chucked the letter in the bin. Hang the consequences!

You can't tell that that discussion didn't take place at one in the morning after five hour drinking sesh can you?! Ach - we enjoyed ourselves...shame the hangover in the afternoon wasn't so pleasant...
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