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Friday, May 13, 2005
My fame has spread?!
Listening to Radio 2 today and they mentioned knitting Clangers and this guy's website as the site of the day on Steve Wright's show. He has a gallery that he's setting up with pictures of Clangers that have been made so since I already made one last year for baby Isla next door I thought I'd send him a picture of mine to add to it - and he's put it on already. Cool! Dead chuffed.

It's a Clanger!

Because I'm still plugging away on the same few things knitting-wise you're just going to have gaze at my babies instead. Robert managed to take a picture of them actually sharing the radiator bed for a change. They can do it without fighting if they try.

Sharing...for a change

Wally was a little tired on Friday as he'd done his "Dirty Stop-Out" routine for 2 days. It's a hard life when your priority is to pass out for a few hours in a suitably comfy location.

Done in after his night on the tiles

Hanging out the washing the other day I came across a hairy caterpillar - something I haven't seen in years. Sensibly I picked it up by the hairs on its back so it didn't poo on my hand. They are really cute though I did move him from my flower bed as I didn't want him scoffing all my flowers!

Hairy caterpillar - so cute!

I played at being educated and sophisticated this weekend by going to the Word Literary Festival at Aberdeen Uni. Thouroughly enjoyed Tom Leonard and Bill Duncan. Both funny and touching in different ways. The Orange Book List discussion was a wee bit of a damp squib but we did get a free copy of the printed list which is handy as a reference. I have already voted for my favourite Scottish book - Sunset Song by Lewis Grassis Gibbon, no competition really. Isabel Losada's stories of personal enlightenment and the practice (note 'practice' not 'pursuit')of happiness were highly entertaining. She was someone who just exuded energy and inspiration. My final session was John Aberdein and Sheena Blackhall. This was probably the most personal as John was my old English teacher - he dragged me through O Grade, Higher and CSYS English. Until I heard him read from his book (his first) I'd kind of forgotten what a good teacher he was. It was in his classes that I actually started to read stuff that I enjoyed. There were still a few cases of books I hated but overall he is one of those that was a positive influence. And his new book sounds pretty damn good as well. When the pennies improve it's going on the list of potential purchases. Don't know if all this literature has expanded my mind or if it's just kicked some of the more useless nonsense out of it to make room for the new stuff. We shall wait and see...
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  • At 2:44 pm, Anonymous Anna said…

    Yours is definately the best clanger, there is something a bit bizarre (and not in a good way)about the other ones

  • At 8:59 pm, Blogger Paula said…

    Oooo, I definitely going to have to make a Clanger!

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