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Saturday, April 30, 2005
Felt better!
I've felt better! All self-inflicted so sympathy, though welcome, is undeserved. A few friends were round last night for a Trivial Pursuit session and we didn't crawl into bed until 4 in the morning. We actually got to the stage in the game where we lost interest in finishing - plus I think that most of us were too drunk by that point. I was drinking the lovely cider that Thatchers do now (single varieties of apples - really fine) but didn't realise I was on the one which is 7.4% alcohol. A wee bit stronger than the 4%ish ones I'm usually on. Didn't have a headache today - I was just incredibly tired as I never sleep well when I'm pished. Good night though. Graeme and willie wanted to carry on playing cards until 7 in the morning but the girls made them go home. They did turn into Kevin the teenager and by all accounts were totally poutsing in the taxi home, doing secret handsignals to tell each other how pissed off they were about having to go home. Silly boys, you wouldn't think they'll both be 30 this year!

Rhonda and Gus stayed over so we had a very pleasant morning with them in the garden waiting until they were legal to drive. Think George was most upset to see them go as they played with him for ages. New friends were definitely made.

It's been a bit busy this last wee while. I've been doing loads of swotting up on mental health as I did my first presentation on it this week at Rhonda's work. It went really well considering I totally rewrote it after a course I went on Mon/Tues down in Glasgow. Made a few contacts down there as well which was good. Still don't like Glasgow very much though. Far too much of an Edinburgh girl at heart - can't spend 3 years there and change allegiance to "the other side" just like that.

Haven't done much knitting these past few weeks but need to crack on. Lucky clover has a wee bit to go but I need to finish the baby shawl too as Eli is due mid-May. should really have that as my first priority project and Lucky Clover should go on the back burner until it's complete.

Hopefully it's going to be a reasonable day tomorrow and I can get out in the garden. I need to dig over a plot to plant my summer veg (going to try the square metre division thing rather than rows). I only want to use half the plot so I can use the other half as a seed bed for biennals and that for next year. No point going overboard with flowers in the other borders much this year yet as Robert would just trample over them while he rebuilds the walls. He's quite pleaed as our bank statement came through and even after the killer bill for the car's annual MOT and service (£700!) there's enough pennies in the account to buy a cement mixer and a few tons of cement and sand. What a happy boy he will be as he knocks down walls and rebuilds them. I just know he's going to rope me into it whether I want to have anything to do with it or not!

And who can forget the drama for this week?! Wally went out on Monday morning and didn't appear again until late on Thursday. I was just a tad worried about him. He does wander off for about 2 days at a time but once he got past that I didn't know what to think, especially as they both have such a large territory that it would be really difficult to find out where he'd disappeared to. I was a bit upset on Thursday morning when he still hadn't shown so had a cry then for a couple of minutes but I was so relieved when I came across a very tired and hungry Wally curled up on the baler (out of the rain) with George on Thursday teatime. Funnily enough he's stuck really close to the house since then and is making up for lost time on the eating and sleeping front. I think he's a bit relieved he found his way back home again. Thank heaven's that George is a bit more of a homebody already so isn't quite so prone to the wandering.
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