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Friday, May 02, 2008
It's been a while...but I have been busy, honest!
Seems like I've never hardly been in my own bed these last 6 months - and that's not just because I'm belting up and down the road between Aberdeen and Laurencekirk! Been offshore a helluva lot since last November (over 50 days in the Northern Assets alone - never mind the other trips out of Aberdeen or Norwich). So much so that I think George is starting to forget what I look like though as long as he continues to get food that supplements his diet of carrion then he doesn't really care I don't think. He continues to be a one-cat-killing-machine that enjoys decimating the local mouse/shrew/rat/pigeon/pheasant/deer population (delete as appropriate) on a daily basis...and I love him nonetheless. I am a sucker for a cute furry thing that still likes to snuggle on my lap when he gets a chance to do so.

Speaking of cute furry things...well big furry things that I find somewhat cute...! I'm in the middle of a pair of kilt socks for my man. Because I'm going to have bugger all to do on this offshore trip it looks like I might get them finished before I go home on Monday. Then I'll have to figure out how to do the flashes for the socks when I get home. He's mentioning something about a long ribbon that ties round the top of the sock and then finished off in a bow...I'm thinking more of a doubleknit tube with elastic in the middle to keep it up and then a two-coloured knitted flash hanging down off it. We shall see. Can't wait to see him in the whole outfit to be honest. Shame that we're going to clash at the wedding as my bridesmaid's dress is a darkish purple and his kilt is Ancient McGregor and therefore consists of an ancient red and black check. We are not going to match!

Get to try on my dress when I get back home next week. Hoping it fits ok (though it will need some alterations) as she ordered a frock under the impression that I had a 24" waist!!! The woman in the shop measured it - not me. I'm sure the last time I had a 24" waist was about 20 years ago. Ach - who knows. No point worrying about it until I try it on and if it's wrong then she's to blame since she measured me. Kind of looking forward to seeing what it looks like as it was a lovely dress when I tried it on beforehand. Need to order some shoes next - going for gold ballroom shoes as they'll actually be much comfier than normal heels. DB bought me some underwear out of Harvey Nicks (knicks from Harvey Nicks was his wisecrack) so that will be a suitable garment for keeping the undercarriage all neat and tidy. Just need some cracking stockings then and we're set. Earrings were bought with birthday money from Sheila Fleet back home - I've always loved her River Ripple design. Just got the plain silver with no enamel. Turns out Caroline has the same pair to wear but her's are going to be in gold. I just don't really suit gold jewellry for some reason. Already told Derek that when it comes to jewellry that I'm more than happy with silver and he doesn't need to splash the extra cash on gold - nae point!

Och - 3 and a half hours until tea-time...think I'll fade away from hunger before then...:-(
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