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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
More things completed...
I'm getting there...slowly but surely more projects are being completed. I'm finally getting through the wee pile of items that I've had on the go for the last wee while. I'm quite chuffed with my Orange Fantasy number (for want of a better description) since I did make it up as I went. I did it all on circulars so I had as few seams as possible to sew up at the end. It fits rather lovely even though I say so myself.

Orange Fantasy! (otherwise known as Cotton Braid)

And my favourite item of late - the HipKnits silk I got from my Secret Pal. It is the most adorable, lovable yarn I have ever worked with and I am so in love. It's incredible that I have got my One Skein Wonder and a Clapotis out of 3 skeins. Just ace. And the colours, being shades of pink, are so me. Once the finances improve there are another couple of shades that are just crying out to be bought. I can see it turning into a monthly fix if I'm not careful. Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll - boring! Silk yarn in gorgeous colours - bring it on baby!

Clapotis 2 - HipKnits Silk

Clapotis 2 - close-up

Off to Edinburgh tomorrow for a course so I get to stay with my Mommy over the weekend. It's my stepdad's birthday on Saturday so we're away up to Glen Lyon so he can spend his time fishing. Mum has requested that I take down some baking tins and recipes so we can make him a baked cheesecake for his birthday tea. Now let me think, do I want to help make cheesecake and then, possibly, get to eat it later - like duh! It's me - pudding and me are best buds! Robert's away to the Festival with Pete for the weekend so I hate to think what state the pair of them will be in by Monday. Methinks there will be much "shit and derision!" The bonus of Robert going to the Festival is that he has finally been persuaded to go to Ikea to start pricing up for our new kitchen. That's only taken about 2 years of persuading.

I can only hope that when we both get back up the road that Wally has made it back from his wanderings. He's been away for 12 days now. Robert reckons he's away rabbiting and has just got lost but I do worry that he's not going to make it back. It's not as if we can go and look for him really easily either as it's all barley fields roundabout and not that many houses. He's not a "strange" people cat either so it's unlikely that he'll moved into somebody else's house. The one upside is that George continues to hang around quite closely during the day and is in his element at getting all the attention so at least we still have one of our boys. just got to keep hoping that he'll make it back in one piece someday soon.
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  • At 12:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Maureen
    Wow, haven't you been busy. I really like the shape of your Orange Fantasy. As you say, its a perfect fit. I'm also pleased to see that you've made the most of your Hipknits silk - I can't believe its gone so far!
    I also wanted to say that my final package to you is now in the post and should (fingers cross) arrive safe and sound in the next couple of days. I really hope you like your pressies!!
    Your Secret Pal x

  • At 3:52 pm, Anonymous kerrie said…

    Your Clapotis is beautiful, and I love the cotton braid sweater, its perfect!!

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