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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Finished my fingerless gloves - woo hoo! Dead chuffed with them. They look really pretty. I've got more than enough wool left out of the Opal ball to make a beanie hat to go with it so I'm cracking on with that at the same time as my hooded jumper. I'm being good though and not buying anymore wool until I use up a lot more of the stash I already have. Time to be restrained until the finances/job situation for this year settles down a bit. I'm thinking about cutting up some of my fabric stash to make yarn for knitting with as well though because I think you could come up with some really interesting stuff that way. There are a few books I fancy that are on my Amazon wish list but I'll just pass on all that info to all the family in time for my birthday.

Had an interesting day yesterday when I got my Mirena fitted. There's obviously something with me and my cervix as whenever anybody tries to do something with it or near it it goes into total spasm. It wasn't the most comfortable thing anyway since it means lying there with a speculum inside you for about 15 minutes but all the poking with various bits of metal to measure how far they have to shove the IUS up you really started things going. They eventually got it in but then I almost threw up and passed out when they were trying to get me back on my feet so I ended up having to lie down for about 30 minutes until I was fit to leave the place. I felt awful for the whole day so I thought bugger it - I'm going to bed and doing nothing. Now that it's in I don't feel so bad - it was just the getting there that was awful.

Away through to Inverness on Friday so getting ready for our visit to the kitchen showroom to get a plan and a budget worked out for what we're going to do. I would feel happier about going ahead with it if I had some definite work on but I just have to keep my fingers crossed that it'll all come together at the end. Have faith in my own self-importance!!!
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